We build next generation interactive digital experiences

We are a full service creative team with a talented network of designers, engineers, and strategists.

Portfolio upon request

Our clients

Harvard University
Perkins + Will
United Nations
MIT Media Lab
The New York Times

What we make

Games and applications using the latest rendering and interaction technologies, delivered to the browser, the in-app social media feed, the VR headset and the native mobile App Stores

From concept to deployment

Our team does the entire process with you

From concept to deployment

Work with our team throughout the entire process to develop gameplay, characters, locations, props and assets for everything from abstractly stylized to fully photoreal games.


We push the envelope

Pictured: A promotional virtual reality experience forA VR experience for Netflix's Wormwood that real-time simulates the experience of a bad psychedelic trip from the perspective of the show's subject, Frank Olson, who murdered by his CIA handlers while experimenting with LSD.

We do photoreal

Pictured: A realtime photoreal snowglobe interactive promotingAn interactive for Participant's Unknown Known using our proprietary experience streaming platform to bring realtime raytraced photoreal effects to mobile devices

Selected games

Spellsource, Monster Match, Minionate and Propaganda Tennis are just a few games we're excited to share with you.

Outside of these public games, Hidden Switch has developed confidential games in photorealistic, realtime-raytraced styles.

Monster Match
Propaganda Tennis

Technology that ships

Hidden Switch specializes in end-user products that ship and scale to the widest possible audiences. Our demos focus on devices people actually have and use, like smartphones, networked over the Internet connections they have everywhere, like LTE, with completely frictionless access and high fidelity within native apps and mobile browsers.

You'll have fun

We stand by every interactive and emphatically deliver only experiences you'll enjoy. You can rely on our team of expert engineers, artists, writers and musicians to develop a concept people will love.

Try our demos

You're encouraged to try the Hyundai Virtual Test Drive. Tap Drive and use touch to drive the car in this totally original design for a test drive experience. This was visited by millions since 2021.