Who is Hidden Switch?

A team of 9 full time engineers, artists, writers and musicians


Benjamin Berman is an engineer and artist based on San Francisco. His interactives have been featured in the New York Times, Wired, the BBC and more; his animation has appeared in feature films by Errol Morris, Disney and the Tribeca Film Festival.

James Gale is an engineer based in Seattle, Washington. He is a significant contributor to Spellsource and author of open source games and mods.

Nolan Fabricius is an artist and longtime collaborator responsible for art in these games and more.

Alexander Berman & Camille Stochitch write for Spellsource and Monster Match. They also write and direct for TV and features. They guide the community to author high-quality narratives to accompany the main plots and characters in Spellsource.

Where is it located?

San Francisco, California

1460 Mission Street

Pasadena, California

177 East Colorado Boulevard

Brooklyn, New York

100 Bogart Street